Bed Accessories

Bedside Accessories Pouch

Slim-line bed storage solution

Fits securely on any Icare bed upholstered surround, secured with hook and loop.
The slim-line Bedside Accessories Pouch can be positioned anywhere on the side of Icare beds or on the Icare rails.

Width overall; 40cm, Depth of pocket; 20cm.

Consists of 5 pockets;
• 1x full width large pocket
• 2x small suspended back pockets
• 2x small flat front pockets

Made from hard wearing felt.
Charcoal colour.
Max weight limit; 5kg.

Item Code: ACBAP

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Pillow Suspenders Set

*NEW* Adjustable Pillow Holders

Pair of pillow suspenders set, for profiling beds. Folds back and secures with hook and loop, from around a metal rail on the mattress platform.

Fasten to pillow/pillowcase using a metal clasp.

Easy to use. Suitable for all pillows.

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U-Assist Side Rail

Unique multi grip rail

A unique design U-Assist Side Rail, slimline designed for bed users to grab anywhere. Requested by Occupational Therapists as a variation to the Bed Stick.

Multiple grab points
Secure mount to bed
Assist bed users with transfers and mobility

Measurements: 530mm high, 150mm wide

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IV Pole Attachment

Optional extra to add to any of the beds – bed mounted pole.
Individual units are sold separately, the beds can hold upto 2 pole attachments.

Can be used for IV fluids and bed remotes.

It is carer and user responsibility to ensure secure mounting and use of this product.

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Full Length Bed Rail

Fold-Down Bed Rail

Full length fold down rails available on the left and right-hand side.
4 Rails for maximum safety
Charcoal Colour
Slip-on attach system

1385mm Width
495mm Height above mattress platform
80mm Space between rails

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Fully upholstered mounted footboards

Finish off your bedroom with an upholstered footboard, also a good idea to keep linen and blankets from slipping off the bed.
The footboard may help to reduce falls risk or by preventing mattress slippage when getting on/off the bed and moving around the bed.

Easy to mount, easy to move. No protruding bolts and upholstered edges for added safety.

Available in both Onyx and Stone, and also available in fabric or vinyl.

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Padded Side Rail Covers

Side Safety Rail Covers

Icare padded rail covers for protection on the Icare side rails.
These padded side rail covers are soft and covered with wipeable medical fabric.

New product – available in stock now.

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Fully upholstered compatible headboards

Complete the look of the bedroom with a headboard, matching the beds perfectly.

Available in both colors, and all sizes.

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Over Bed Pole

Freestanding Over bed pole

Pull up bar to help with turning, patient transfer, and bed care.
A stable design with heavy-duty steel, compatible with all ICARE Beds.
Charcoal Colour
Free Standing

Height from floor to the top of the rail – 190cm
Floor Foot Print: H design
> Width under bed 75cm
> Length under bed 90cm
Rail at the top from back of stand to tip of rail – 71cm

Maximum weight applied 100kg

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Bed Stick with Safety Return

BedSide Assistance Rail

Supporting patient transfer getting in and out of bed.
Can be used for patient repositioning.
Charcoal Colour
Easy attach system. Position anywhere along to side as needed.

520mm Height above mattress platform
103mm inside hook

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Four Rail High Side Grab Rail

For safety and stability

Icare Side Grab Rail
Provides user support and stability, especially for getting in and out of bed.
4 Rails for maximum safety
Charcoal Colour
Slip-on attach system. Position anywhere along to side as needed.

350mm Width
582mm Height above mattress platform.

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Low Side Safety Rail

Prevent falls from bed. Provides user support and stability, preventing bed falls, 3 Rails for maximum safety, Charcoal Colour, Slip-on attach system. Position anywhere along to side as needed.

Specification: 3 Rail Design,
690mm Width, 422mm Height above mattress platform, 115mm Space between rails, Max user weight 200kg (static load maximum 250 Newtons)

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