Valui Inserts (Big Inserts & Small Inserts and Boosters)

Valui Inserts are designed to be used in conjunction with normal underwear or net pants.
Sizes: Micro, Midi, Mini, Small, Booster S, Booster N

Key Features of the Product
♦ Non-woven top sheets with deodorizing ingredients to maximise absorbency & eliminate odours.
♦ Discreet, anatomically shaped design to offer greater comfort and discreteness (IP5427, IP5935, IP5935M, IP6935, IP6935S, IP6935M, IP7437).
♦ Unique sticky stripes to keep aids secure & prevent movement (IP2407, IP2507, IP45O5, IP4515).
♦ Stand-up leg gathers to prevent leakage.
♦ Double-padded absorbent cores to provide maximise strength, reliability & absorbency.