ActiveX™ Mattress Overlay

The range of Icare Pressure care mattress overlays is designed to provide added pressure relief and comfort on an existing mattress.

The mattress overlay features the ActiveX™ material is the main comfort layer in this mattress. ActiveX™ is a high grade of elastic type foam that is responsive to a temperature around inflamed areas. ActiveX™ will become softer as it becomes warmer. So around a pressure point, it will always soften and allow the blood to circulate freely.

These ActiveX™ mattress overlays come in all mattress sizes up to queen.

M4 Medical Mattress

The M4 medical mattress is a high-risk profiling static mattress that is great for transfers and reduces rollout.
Featuring the unique ActiveGel temperature responding material.
The M4 mattress is designed with a section of v-cut XP Support Foam which creates additional air movement for enhanced pressure relieving properties.

M2 Medical Mattress

High-risk medical mattress

The M2 mattress features firm edge support and high-density foams. This is a high-risk mattress, and suitable for use on all Icare beds.

The M2 Medical Mattress has a wipeable cover with a drip cover and firm edge support.

IC25 Soft ActiveX™ Mattress

Soft, plush, luxury mattress

For clients who like a soft mattress, or who spend a long time in bed. The feel of the IC25 soft Mattress is best suited to aged or petite patients.

The IC25 Mattresses have almost no partner disturbance or roll together.

IC20 Medium ActiveX™ Mattress

Most popular, medium feel

Middle of the range, the IC20 proves to be popular for most. The medium feel provides a soft feel but excellent support.

How pressure care works with the IC20: This IC20 medium mattress is heat and pressure sensitive which means that as it gets warmer it becomes softer. So when there is a pressure point
developing which usually gets hot and enflamed, this area of the mattress will become softer which allows the blood to flow freely again.

IC15 Firm ActiveX™ Mattress

The firm, yet supportive mattress

IC15 Firm ActiveX™ Mattress

The IC15 firm mattress offers support and comfort. Firm feel makes it easier for turning.
Pair with an Icare bed or suitable on any base platform.

Latex Mattress

The Latex mattresses are a low risk pressure mattress but provide a unique bounce back support which makes it easy for transfers.
Suitable on any base platform. Most like sprung mattresses.