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Drive - Easy Rider


The Drive Easy Rider Mobility Scooter is built for superb comfort, style and performance. It has 3 large motorcycle style wheels with modern chrome mud guards. Its rear bumper provides additional safety to your scooter. This Mobility Scooter rides and feels much like a motorcycle with telescopic front motorcycle suspension for optimal handling. The Easy Rider also comes complete with an adjustable lap belt, unlike many mobility scooters.

It’s all round lighting will ensure others can see you in poorly lit areas and ensure a safe ride. The lighting includes rear reflectors, an illuminated control panel, a front headlight and front/rear indicators. The headrest and armrests are adjustable. This allows you to customise the fit for ultimate comfortability. The twin chrome rearview mirrors provide extra visibility and are also adjustable. In addition to these safety features, the Easy Rider also has an anti-rollback system that will prevent the scooter from rolling backwards if you are on an incline.

The Dial Digital Dash is a fantastic feature on the Easy Rider. Being very easy to use, the Mode button allows you to flick between the speedometer, functions, indicator and reset button. This display will help you to manage how many kms you have used on a particular journey. Simply reset the display at the beginning of each trip. The throttle is located on the right side of the handles and this is where you can control how fast you are going. If you release the throttle, your scooter will automatically stop. In addition to this, the Easy Rider also has a parking brake for when your scooter is switched off.

    Rotating sports-style seat with sliding and reclining facility

    Rear bumper and anti-tip wheels for additional protection

    Angle-adjustable handle bars allows comfortable positioning for the user (requires tools for adjustment)

    Easy to use controls

    Throttle lever with automatic safe-braking system

    Telescopic front motorbike suspension for optimal handling
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