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Homecraft Round Scoop Dish 8"

Homecraft Round Scoop Dish 8"


Prevents Food from Spilling Over Plate Edge

The Round Scoop Dish designed as an assistive eating plate with a high curved back and moulded low in the front to aid the leverage of food onto an eating utensil. Measuring 8 inches in diameter, the inside back of the dish measures 28.6mm (1-1/8”) high. With a heavy-duty reinforced rim, the plate helps to keep food from being pushed or spilled from the plate edge during the meal.


Aids Leverage Scooping Food onto Utensil

For those who have difficulty using a standard plate during mealtime, the adaptive plate allows individuals to eat meals more independently. The rubber-padded bottom of the plate will help keep the plate from accidentally falling off the table. It also helps to keep the plate stationary to assist individuals with one arm who are not able to hold the plate to keep it from sliding along the table surface.


Constructed Resistant to Breaking or Scratches

Enhancing the scooping technique of eating, the contoured lip is designed to easily trap and scoop food. Constructed with durable and unbreakable material, the Round Scoop Dish is top shelf dishwasher safe but not recommended to warm food in the microwave. The dish is available in a variety of colors including red, blue, ivory and yellow.

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