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HOMECRAFT Two Handled Mug and Lids

HOMECRAFT Two Handled Mug and Lids


Contoured Handles Allow Firm Grip

Manufactured from high strength and translucent plastic, Homecraft has designed a Two-Handled Mug with two options for lids: one spout lid and one spill-resistant lid. Shaped for comfort, the two large handles are contoured for a more firm and strengthened grip. The mug helps individuals with restricted hand movement, tremors, shaky hands, or weakened grip.


Controlled Liquid Consumption

In addition to the spout lid, the mug is marked with graduations allowing liquid consumption to be easily monitored and measured. The mugs are constructed to assist and encourage self-feeding. The mugs have a liquid capacity measuring 270ml (9 fl. oz.).


Supplied with Interchangeable Lids

The mugs include interchangeable lids, providing users with two options in how to control liquid intake. The spout lid is designed to help regulate the flow of liquid intake whereas the recessed lid avoids spills or leaks. The lids also fit the Homecraft Clear Polycarb Shatterproof Mug and the rest of the Independence line.


Please allow 10 - 14 working days for delivery
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