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MYCO Swivel Shower Chair

MYCO Swivel Shower Chair


A rotating shower stool that makes showers quicker and faster is the Myco Swivel Shower Chair. The Myco Swivel Shower Chair has a supportive seat and a sturdy back and arm. The plastic shell seat has drainage holes to assist with water pooling. This Myco Swivel Shower Chair is built to be as flexible as possible for use at home or in a nursing home setting.


One of the greatest benefits of the Myco Swivel Shower Chair is that it is quickly removed to allow others to access the shower.  The Myco Swivel Shower Chair comes in two easy-to-separate pieces, the base frame that rests on the water, and the swivel seat designed for comfort and safety.


The Myco Swivel Shower Chair is capable of swiveling 360 ° and locks in four places, enhancing the product's versatility and safety for transferring.  The seating unit frame and the base unit are made of aluminum. The base of the height-adjustable legs is fitted with ferrules that are slip-resistant.

Please allow 10 - 14 working days for delivery
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