The Wonder sheet a very helpful product to help people use less effort to move about or turn over in bed.


For many people suffering illness, injury, or just a bit of stiffness and loss of agility, the basic function of turning over in bed or getting in and out, can be difficult and sometimes painful.

The Wonder Sheet is styled as a fitted sheet combining a satin panel in the middle where your hips and shoulders are, and poly/cotton sheeting at the ends- so you can get a better grip with your feet and so that your pillow doesn't slip off!


The Wonder Sheet is an effective therapeutic tool as the satin panel which sits under the user’s hip and bottom area allows for increased bed mobility, particularly with turning over in bed and swinging legs in and out of bed.


The Wonder Sheet Plus Differs from the Original by removing the satin material from the bed edges, reducing the potential fall risk from sliding of the side of the bed.


Wonder Sheet +PLUS

  • We have tweaked the 'original' design and now have an additional design, the 'Wonder Sheet' +PLUS. 

    Occupational Therapists asked me to come up with an additional Wonder Sheet® that had the sheeting around the sides as well as the top and bottom. This would give the ‘user’ additional stability from the cotton/poly sheeting when they were sitting on the edge of the bed. The Wonder Sheet®+PLUS can give those wanting extra grip a feeling of independence. Something I think we all deserve.

    In addition to the demographic of the ‘original’ Wonder Sheet®, the Wonder Sheet® +PLUS is designed for those that may require extra stability on the sides of the bed. Residential Aged Care are in this demographic. Repositioning by the staff requires less effort which reduces the chance of back injuries and mobility in bed for the residents become easier.